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Wealth Succession

You can’t create generational wealth without thinking beyond your current day needs. Whether you’re a business, individual, or family, we’re behind you in your goal to leave things better for those ahead of you. Whether your succession plan includes passing on your business, passing on wealth, or philanthropic giving, we can help create a structured giving and communication plan that clearly defines your wishes, how to “give” in the most meaningful way, and ultimately, leave the legacy you desire.

Core tenets of our Wealth Succession plan:

  • Business legacy planning
  • Develop strategies to help pass your legacy to others
  • Construct a plan to help build a lasting business
  • Transfer your passion and values to future generations

Wealth Accumulation

You can’t create generational wealth without a well-thought out plan to grow and accelerate your assets. This includes growing your net worth today by continuously outpacing the cost of living through a disciplined investment philosophy, as well as using other wealth building vehicles such as life insurance and estate planning to expand your net worth for your benefit and those of your extended family.

Core tenets of our Wealth Accumulation plan:

  • Creating an investment allocation that will fit your risk level
  • Developing an investment portfolio to help guide you to your desired outcome
  • Identifying tax strategies that can increase your overall effective return
  • Develop a long-term wealth accumulation goal

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection should serve as the central foundation for what the rest of your wealth plan is based upon. You can’t grow wealth until you have a plan in place to protect what you already have. And to do that, families need to understand their wealth journey will not all be clear skies. It will go through days of sunshine, others of rain, and to give our clients the best chance for success, we need to adhere to a philosophy predicated on taking advantage of all these conditions to adequately protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Core tenets of our Wealth Protection plan:

  • Define the risks and develop an appropriate risk management strategy
  • Align risks with rewards
  • Construct a legal framework for wealth protection
  • Provide a system of protections from the “what ifs” in life
Our Leadership Team

Dedicated to helping you reach new financial heights

David Ethell, LUTCF


David has served as a trusted advisor to families and businesses since 1998. His passion for helping others succeed and seeing them happy, encouraged, secure, and completed led him to form David Ethell Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. in 2004. He also formed Capital Financial Group in 2009, a Financial Services Firm.

David is a qualifying and lifetime member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) (20 times)1. In addition, he has been recognized 14 times for his Top of the Table and the Court of the Table membership. These two distinctions place him among the top .1% of all financial advisors in the world.

He has spoken all over the world and is noted for writing numerous articles on industry best practices. David authored a book called “From Under the Table to Top of the Table” to help practitioners grow their practices. He holds the prestigious LUTCF designation from the American College and has served the financial service industry as the Government Affairs Chairman for Kern County. He has served on several international committees for the MDRT.

David received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly in 1987. He is married to Teresa, together they share three daughters, and live in Camarillo.

The joy in our business comes from experiences we have had with clients: who were hopeless about retirement and then became very hopeful after our meeting; from surviving spouses and employees of companies are comforted to know plans were made and funds are now available, and everything will be ok. We love working with future generations to provide not only the funding for education and liquidity but also having a role in seeing these values, legacies and companies come to fruition. Our business is a business of hope and optimism. Seeing dreams made and dreams fulfilled.

My father brought me into the business and I watched how he loved helping people. Today, I enjoy providing our clients peace and solutions from debt that might threaten their financial independence and future. Providing strategies for business owners who need to keep or retain key employees. Helping businesses provide benefits that are attractive to key employees. Provide peace and security to family from loss of income of a family member. Seeing clients be able to send their children to college is a joy for me. But most of all, we love seeing people see “a light at the end of the tunnel” – that moment where they realize all of their life’s work will align with their purpose and financial goals.

I am a credentialed minister. I take great pride in having served as an Elder, been a mission’s team leader and several other positions in the covenant community. I have led multiple mission trips to Latin and South America, most recently speaking in Jamaica, Peru, and Nicaragua. These experiences ignite and deepen my passion for helping others.

You might see me at the ocean on a paddleboard or at the lake with my family.

1 MDRT is an independent association. Membership is based on production/commissions and does not qualify a financial professional to provide investment recommendations or advice. Members must meet a certain level of premium, commission or income during the year, they must also adhere to strict ethical standards.

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Chief Operating Officer

Robin Brockmeyer

Case Manager

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SVP, Head of Underwriting

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